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Notice of Privacy

In this regard we let them know that

Personal information that is kindly provided to us by you will be used for the following purpose:

Get in touch with you, analyze and verify the veracity and accuracy of your information, establish and formalize by common agreement business relationships to provide the services you request; notify them about new services or products that are related to those already acquired.


For the purpose of the foregoing and by virtue of this Notice, it will be understood that they express their consent for us to obtain the following personal information from you:

• Full name, Reason or Social Denomination, as well as those that prove their legal existence and identification.

• Landline and / or cell phone

• Email By virtue of the foregoing, we notify that the data indicated are and will be treated as confidential information through an electronic system with high security parameters and under no circumstances are they transferred or transmitted to third parties or persons not related to the provision of services. our services.


It is important to inform you that you have the right to access, rectification and cancellation of your personal data, to oppose their treatment or to revoke the consent you have given us for this purpose (hereinafter "the rights").


For this it is necessary that you let us know by email:, which we ask you to confirm by this same means to guarantee its correct reception. The use of our website, as well as the personal, printed, digital, visual, electronic reception thereof, is evidence that you have read, know and accept in full the terms of the Privacy Notice in force at the time of such use.

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